Jason Lengstorf has a strange relationship with adulthood.

A Quest to Become “The Guy”

Whenever you see high-powered people on TV, they’re surrounded by people who make things happen for them.

If you need to solve a problem, these people—without fail—have “a guy for that”.

Jason Lengstorf has spent the entirety of his adulthood becoming the guy for making businesses better; as a result, he has years of experience in the full spectrum of online business building and marketing.

One Specialty Isn’t Enough

Jason was originally a one-man operation, which meant he couldn’t just be a developer or designer; he had to learn marketing, sales, management, and myriad other business strategies in order to keep himself (and his clients) afloat.

As a result, he has a rare ability to see the entire project—from concept and planning all the way through code and automation—and make the right decision for the business instead of only addressing the task at hand.

The Details

At Copter Labs, Jason is The Guy For That™1. He solves problems for your business, from determining revenue streams and brand identity, to design and development, to marketing and automation, to consulting and speaking.

You can find Jason online at:

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