Copter Labs follows a highly scientific process.[footnote]All jokes aside, we’ve got a decade’s worth of experience making websites that serve as a primary source of income. Step 4 is not a joke.[/footnote]

  1. Step 01 — You have an idea
    Step 1: You have the best idea ever. You’re so smart.
  2. Step 2 — You bring your idea to us.
    Step 2: You bring your idea to our team at Copter Labs.
  3. Step 3 — We turn it into a website.
    Step 3: We take your idea and turn it into a website.[footnote]We also do a bunch of other stuff that will help you make money online. Learn more about what we can do on our services page.[/footnote]
  4. Step 4 — You make a ton of money.
    Step 4: You take a swim in your new pile of money.