One website for every screen.

A Third of Your Visitors Are Mobile

Websites see an average 32.5% of traffic from mobile devices. So you can expect that 1 of every 3 visitors will be on a phone or tablet while viewing your site.

If your site isn’t optimized for a smaller screen, you could be frustrating a third of your site’s visitors. And it’s no secret that a frustrated user rarely becomes a customer.

Non-Mobile Sites Lose Business

A site without a responsive layout is bleeding business: roughly 1 in 4 mobile visitors will leave a website that isn’t optimized for mobile. People who would have stayed on a desktop version of the site[footnote]The figures used here were determined by taking averages from our own clients’ sites. On average, the bounce rate for mobile visitors to a non-mobile site is 28.4% higher than the desktop version. By contrast, the mobile bounce rate when the site is responsive is only 8.78% higher than desktop. When you consider that 1% is a big number in online marketing, this difference is huge.[/footnote].

Compare that to the fact that only 1 in 11 mobile visitors leave a site that is mobile optimized, and it’s not hard to see why going responsive is good for business.

Going Responsive Pays You Back

By going mobile, you’re making your site easier to use for customers on every device. This will encourage them to stay longer, read more, and to take action steps.

Skipping the responsive part of your website is leaving money on the table, and we hate to see clients leaving money on the table.

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