Rank higher on Google just by being awesome.

SEO Is Not Magic

Depending on who you’re asking, ranking highly on Google might seem like some kind of crazy voodoo sorcery that takes thousands of dollars, months of effort, and friends in all the right places.

Fortunately, that’s just not true.

We can demystify SEO for you and show you sure-fire methods to get your content to show up in search results.

White Hat, Black Hat, Party Hat?

The techniques people use for SEO range widely, and search engines seem to have a somewhat secretive code for determining whether these techniques are good or bad.

Copter Labs only uses techniques that will never be penalized. We don’t try to game the system; we use time-honored strategies that won’t sacrifice your site’s longevity for a short-term traffic spike.

DIY SEO FTW[footnote]”Do-It-Yourself Search Engine Optimization For The Win” — acronyms are fun![/footnote]

We’re firm believers in the “teach a man to fish” model here at Copter Labs, so in addition to getting your site primed for maximum SEO impact, we’ll also educate you about the best ways to write your content for the biggest boost in rankings.

SEO doesn’t have to be hard, and it doesn’t have to be expensive. Let Copter Labs help you master the art of Google Fu by getting a quote today.