Social Media: it’s not just pictures of your lunch.

A Conversation Is Worth 1,000 Ads

If you can directly engage with your customers instead of just talking at them with ads, it drastically changes the dynamic of your relationship with them: you’re now a friend or colleague instead of someone trying to sell them stuff.

We have helped dozens of clients improve their social media engagement, including coaching on how best to get your customers talking.

Being Social Isn’t a Full Time Job

One of the strongest objections[footnote]This is also a very valid objection. Without a solid plan, social media can take over your life.[/footnote] to social media is that it just takes too much time to manage.

The truth is, with a little planning and initial setup, you can run a powerful social media presence in just a few minutes a day.

We can show you how. Just ask.

Be Everywhere Your Customers Are

One of the most important things you can do to boost sales is simply be present. People trust names they recognize[footnote]As it turns out, our brains are terrible at making decisions. As marketers, we can use the quirks and inconsistencies of the human brain to our advantage, but remember: with great power comes great responsibility.[/footnote], so just by showing up in someone’s social streams you can boost your credibility.

With our help, you can build a social media empire that keeps you connected to your customers and doesn’t eat up your time. Get a quote on social media strategy and let’s start today.