Important Update: Don’t break your WordPress Site!

Just a quick update: The latest version of WordPress is now prompting users to install a brand new content editor called Gutenberg. This thing is pretty cool, it allows you to build out articles using blocks, which will give you a lot more control over how you display your content.

That said, it’s so new and fresh that it might not be compatible with your current site. If you choose to install it, do so cautiously.

To ensure that your site doesn’t break when this update happens, we recommend you install the “Classic Editor” plugin that will ensure ongoing compatibility:

For those of you who have a Copter hosting / maintenance plan, you don’t need to worry (we’ve installed the plugin for you already), and we’re working on a solution to make sure you can take advantage of WordPress’ new editing features within the coming months.

That’s all for now and thanks for reading!
Alex at Copter

PS: If you need any updates done to your site, we’re available to help. Just head on over to and we’ll hook you up.